Discourse Subscriptions

For what I tested here it is working great.

Do you have an idea if would be possible to support another currency, Brazilian real, BRL? Or it depends on Stripe?

If it’s supported in Stripe we can add it fairly easily.


I am trying to find if it is supported on Stripe website

Looks to be so, but not for American Express. Happy to add support for it! I’ll put it on my list but it’s also #pr-welcome if you or someone else gets to it prior.


Lovely @justindirose,

I am not a big developer to help you out with it, however it would be nice to learn.

Thanks for your support!

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:+1: cool! this feature is so useful!


BRL support is now added via this commit:

Please test it out and let me know of any issues!

Sorry for the delay in looking at this @omarfilip. It slipped my radar.

I just upgraded Discourse to latest on my test site and ran a test. I believe the URL should be /s/hooks. There is no path for /s/products/hooks that I’m aware of.


That is awesome Justin, thanks for that.

I tested it today and seems to be working well with this new currency.

Another question, I am running only tests on Stripe and I am not receiving any invoice mails from Stripe when a subscription/payment is completed. Is it normal?

In the payment details, it is showing some pending webhooks and all of them are about the invoice e-mail. Does it goes normally when activating the account?

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Stripe suppresses emails on the test API, but you can see them from your dashboard.

As far as webhooks go, do you have your webhook properly configured in Stripe? Are you seeing any errors?


In my tests, everything seems to be working fine. To be honest with you I did not get too much into it, however from what I experienced no errors appeared. The only message I get from the payment page, at events and logs, is the e-mail webhook pending, but as you said Stripe suppresses it on test API.

Selecting the option to send the invoice at the payment’s list, it works normally. Also for refunding.


Hello everyone,

I am trying to understand better the plugin and make useful contributions to it on Github.

As I am not a native developer but trying to learn, yesterday I did an contribution to the plugin by adding Brazilian Portuguese translations to it and asked for a git pull.

As long as I understand better how to contribute, I am willing to do it. Not only because I am using this plugin on my website, but also for the community.

I hope @justindirose and others accept this last git pull there.

Cheers everybody!


Thank you, it took me a while to find where to create a new product. Maybe @rimian you could add the hyperlink in the ad-hoc paragraph:


Create one or more products with plans.

In the admin, add a new Product.

Amazing product. Awesome work! Thank you!


I think translations are to be submitted through transifex


Hi All,

Will this become an official Plugin ? My question is more, is it worth to wait a bit for it to be stable or we can install it now because it is stable enough?

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This is certainly going to be an official plugin at some point, but it will not become an official plugin until more people use it.

It is stable enough to start using.


Thanks @itsbhanusharma ! @justindirose already told me that and I happily did my contribution there.

Does anyone is having problems with product link opening for anonymous users?

For example, mywebsite.com/s/ProductID is opening the link and showing payment methods for nonusers and that is a problem for us.

While not logged in, if I access mywebsite.com/s it shows that is a restrict page, not the same as the product page.


That is probably a bug with routing constraints. I’ll have a look!

For future reference, the OP is a wiki so please feel free to modify the post if there are any missing pieces.

@Thamer I can’t reproduce this on latest. If I browse to forum.example.com/s/productID in a private browsing window as an anonymous user, I get a page not found error. Do you have repro steps for this?


@justindirose it is weird because with the link I get the error page. However, accessing the page from a link shown in a public topic, I can access the payment page :thinking: :thinking:

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Thanks for that information @Thamer. I was able to reproduce. We were lacking a constraint on the route. Since I was in there I cleaned up some of the file loading code too.


Working great now! No problems from anonymous users.