Discourse - this genuinely awesome forum software

Hi there, I’d just like to thank all Discourse staff for their hard work on this software. It’s genuinely awesome and I’d just like to say my thanks to you all.

I’m currently a moderator for a forum with ~250k members and the forum uses Discourse (of course). The admin features within Discourse are so compact and layed out in a perfect way. These features really do make my work on the forum a whole lot easier.

I’d also like to thank you all for the customer (or client) service for Discourse. I’ve brought up a few features that I’d like to see within Discourse, these features have either now been implemented or had a good reason to not be implemented. These topics I created back then also were replied to in under an hour – which is really great!

Thank you Discourse staff for providing such an awesome forum software!
:heart: :discourse: