Discourse to Discord Bot

Discourse is a wonderful community hands down. I could have started this thread in praise and speak almighty about discourse. And for those of you who don’t know about discord.

I am certain there are several communities out here or groups who use discord and discourse. This is a bot from
##this guy

^^Really shy when it comes to “forums”, Hence i am making the post here.
3 Hours of chatting and he was able to post this topic. Shows the feature etc.



Hope this bot helps you with your discourse and discord. Based on python Discord.py api


Discord is a very good and promising app to take on the reign of teamspeak. (I was managing my gaming clan teamspeak on AWS last week :sadpanda:, cuz they don’t want to change to Discord).

It’s very good to have some integrations between the two, because this could really help to build more long term communities (on Discourse) between gamers groups.


What is Discord’s revenue source? Are they going to charge when they come out of beta?

Probably the same as every other Startup nowadays, wait till you get bought. Worked for many (10B Whatsapp, Instagram, etc…).

And they have Tecent and TimeWarner money:

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I had the same thing going on, My GvG guild from guild wars 2 was quite adamant on using ts3. But after a few “motivation” in the right direction i got them to my server they did like the feature and simplicity of discord. IRC+skype ftw

Quite some time back they did mention how they are going to charge in the possible future, it would be via cosmetics or additional features.

I really hope this bot helps the gaming / other communities and for the ones who are looking forward to use discord.
If you are using the bot , Do poke him and tell him not be a shy person when it comes to forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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We have been thinking of moving to Discord ourselves and saw your bot. Nice work btw. Quick Question. I assume your python script runs on the discourse server?

Hello Steven,

The bot that one my community member made is now a service provider bot called Nurevam with lots of other good features, You can contact Maverun on my discord server to use the bot, without even have to install a py code as he runs it on several other servers.

On the other note
The python script can run on any server (I specifically run it on another server as i have other bots too) It should work fine.


hey @Alankrit_Choudh tell if it would be possible to use the ranks of discord in my discourse forum? see :

Hello Marcos.

You should skip mee6 and try

it supports this bot and is auto added there (Made by the dev of the bot)

@Maverun (´・ω・)#2781` is the dev of the bot add him and speak to him or you can chat with him at https://discord.gg/0ccNdvWBCEuw87eD for further development questions.

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nice @Alankrit_Choudh i change for this, another question, like much of your server in discord, which bot you use for music and where I can add it to my server discord

This guy rocks - considers requests, too! The bot’s still kicking.

Are you using a hosted one, or the one from http://nurevam.site?

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Currently i am using from


I’m using this, too – it’s exceptional with an awesome dev!

EDIT: Oh, I already said that a loong time ago lol. Well, I’m still using it (the hosted one).

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Looks like both (script and hosted bot) are offline now.

In case that was open source - does anyone still have the script as a starter?

Okay wow, I didn’t expecting this forums was bumped few time as people did like my bot Nurevam, Thank you for that.

@helmi , apologies for that, I believe at that time, it was down for a whole day or 2 trying to fix it. It is all back up and running fine since then.

Overtime since this topic created, I have try continue improved it, flexible custom msg such as show title only or link, hide link etc. Allow certain category sent to certain channel (same thing with sub category) such as mod category will send to mod channel instead of public (assume nurevam have permission to view and sent it)

You can get my bot from there https://nurevam.site

If you guy have any problem with it, issue or feedback, please do contact me on discord
Maverun (´・ω・`)#3333
or join server here Nurevam

(apologies for bump, just want to info you that Nurevam is still alive and will continue live, and letting you know where to contact me easily if any problem rise.)