Discourse vs Slack

We are assessing platforms for team learning online platform.

Basically, we are going to read book(s), share our findings, impressions and will explain to each other what we learned.
Also do code katas and compare our solutions. Now we are learning Clojure programming.

I bootstrapped a version for us to try on

So Discourse or Slack or something else? Discourse is geared around a
topic and discussion on it. Slack is more of a free form IRC’ish
communication. The way I see it. Perhaps Discourse is a mix of both? IRC
and forum?

They are very different animals. Instant messaging is great for making quick decisions or asking simple questions. Forums are best for long-running conversations and complicated topics. It sounds to me like a forum would be much more suitable for your needs.

Also, Slack isn’t cheap.


If you are likely to want to refer back to the discussions at a future date, then I would definitely say go with Discourse (or other forum software). Trying to find past conversations in Slack isn’t easy. IMHO.


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