Discourse with a very widescreen browser

It was recently brought to my attention how much variation there is with displays these days. The laptop I use displays Discourse nicely, fitting it into the browser beautifully at its 1110px width. The font size is perfect, photo attachment size looks fine, everything is great.

Unfortunately, I found the way that Discourse looks on a high resolution monitor a little less beautiful. It may just be my personal preference, but it seems weird not to make use of the full display area of the browser. Here’s are examples of what it looks like in high resolution:

There’s all that blank, unused space. It seems like with the dynamic thumb-nailing of images and all the neat things that this forum software is capable of, it would be relatively easy to have all the font size, images, and forum-width scale based on the environment.

I’ve messed around with the CSS and have been able to adjust some of what I want, but there seems to be a lot of dynamic stuff going on under the hood that makes it hard to control with customized CSS alone.

Maybe I just need to get better with my CSS skills! In any case, I’m just curious to hear if there are any plans to make Discourse fit a little nicer on a high res monitor, or if anyone has tackled this already and is willing to share their solution.

For the record, I’m very happy with Discourse. It’s an amazing piece of software that I’m having a great time getting to know. This was just something I was curious about.


There was some discussion about it: 1 2

One common UX rule, is not making text wide enough that you need to move your neck to read it. So keeping to something like ~700px is common pratice:





However, here you can customize your instance as you see fit. CSS will make it as wider as you want.


Awesome! Thank you for the explanation. I’m not very well versed in the ways of the UX designer, so that is great info to file away.