DiscPage: a plugin to create static pages and insert discussion balloons in the text

I must be missing something obvious…

After clicking an orange balloon, the associated Topic List slides in from the right, but then I can find no button to create a comment on the portion of text associated with the orange balloon.

I meticulously followed the setup instructions on the Github page.

I have a category Page with all of the the proper security settings…

Please advise!

EDIT: For others who find this problem (and for my future self) – The below Theme Component was the cause.

Once I disabled that theme component… the button to create a New Topic appeared and everything worked as expected :smiley:


  1. Other Themes besides the Default Discourse Theme can result in wonky unusable layouts, so if you are seeing these types of mis-behaviors try using the Default Theme.

  2. If the Sidebar Menu is enabled in the Navigation Menu settings, that sidebar menu will show up within the comments slide-in only to confuse users, so I needed to use either the Header Dropdown or the Legacy to prevent this. (Alternatively, you can use the Side Menu navigation on your site, but use CSS to hide it on the DiscPage category.)