Landing Pages Plugin 🛩

The Landing Pages Plugin lets you make standalone landing pages for your Discourse instance. You can display topics, users and other content from your forum. You can restrict pages to groups, apply Discourse themes, set custom paths, and manage pages in a dedicated git repository.

You can see them in action on Pavilion’s new landing pages! :star2:

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 6.11.10 PM

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Quick Links

Adding and Editing Pages
Page Attributes
Page Asset Management
Partials and Helpers
Global Attributes
Pavilion’s Landing Pages
Pavilion’s Landing Theme


That is a wonderful plugin! Can’t wait to use it even more!


Hey @angus

Did you include (or can you include) a site setting to change the Discourse root route to make the root route the specified landing page for the site?

This is a small addition (if it is not included already) and would help users who do not want to fiddle around with their web server and do redirects, etc; and therefore, I think would make this plugin even better.


How does one customize pages.json without connecting a repo?

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Yes, I’m hoping to do that soon. Would you want that in all circumstances though? A list of desired outcomes for guests v users and any other factors would help me think it through.

Here’s the rudimentary patch I made to to handle that.

Perform the redirect from / to /welcome.

  • If you’re a guest
  • And you go directly to (i.e. base path)
  • And we haven’t redirected you to /welcome in the last 5 minutes.

The only way currently is via a zip upload or a repo connection. You can’t do that via the admin UI yet. But yes, the plan is to add a new “page” for site wide settings.