Display real names just for Moderators?

Here on this forum real names are shown on every post more prominently than the username if the user set one.
In our quite privacy minded forum that option was voted down, but would it be possible to do that just for moderators?
We have a convention that moderators should have their real names displayed, but it’s not very practical to rename users with well known usernames when they get promoted to moderator.


A feature would be cleaner but in the meantime you could use this css code :

.names span.first {
    display: none;

.first.full-name.staff.admin,.first.full-name.staff.moderator {
    display: inline-block;

It will hide the full name by default, but I override it after for the admins and moderators of your forum. The full name of the users will still exist in the source code, but people will find it only if they’re looking specifically for it


This means it is still a privacy issue… And full names can probably be scraped by search engines. Could you share a link to a topic where we can see this in action?

I just did some live edit on the css in this forum to find the class

Maybe the best way in this case will be to hide the full name option in the preferences, and add the full name of the moderators in the admin panel. It will prevent them from entering their name

But if the users don’t want their full name to be shown, couldn’t it be done by keeping this setting optional? It’s already possible with Discourse

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Do you mean it’s optional to enter a full name or that it’s optional to have it displayed beside/instead of the username? In my settings here I can not set a real name and then decide not to display it.
Users who signup via e.g. Facebook (okay those are probably not the most privacy minded people) automatically have a real name set. Apparently 71.6% in our forum have it set.

It’s optional by default unless you tick full name required settings


Well that solves it than, thanks. :white_check_mark: :slight_smile:

Just one more question: Optional means it’s opt-in right? So real names will not be displayed unless the user chooses to do so?

They don’t have an option to tick/untick to choose if it will appear. They either enter their full name or not. If they enter it, it will automatically appear (unless you combine this setting + the css)

It is currently optional. We have had a heated discussion about this option though. Some people argued that the forum users are not aware of the implications and consequences. And of course social media logins set the real name automatically. Besides there are two valid points in my eyes:

  • User profiles are not public on our forum (only logged-in users see real names of other users) (source)
  • If real names are not displayed above posts, they are not indexed by search engines (see example)
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So…is there any privacy-aware solution to this problem? What’s the feasibility of a moderators-only real name?