Displaying Reactions on Post Voting topics

I love the way this plugin works, but I am being hounded by some of my users who are not happy if they can’t add their clapping hands or poop emoji. Is there a way to have both versions active at the same on a topic/category?

Listen this is the quote of the month. Someone give this guy MVP for the month. LOL

And I found the solution. It was right there in front of me all time anyways. Just enable in the setup. Doh!

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I don’t think Reactions currently show for Post Voting topics even when qa enable likes on answers is enabled (though it does work for Likes without Reactions enabled). There is currently a workaround in this post though:

But if they do work for you without anything extra please let me know. :slight_smile:

@JammyDodger They do work now, even if only in the default theme. Would be nice if that would work across the board, but at least I get most of the pesky users off my back. And yes, I added the little snippet of css code.

That’s good news. :slight_smile: :+1:

With that snippet of code they should work for all of your themes. Did you add it to a new theme component and attach it to all of the themes?

No, I added that to the custom css in the default theme. Do you have a pointer/url where can read up on how to create a theme component?

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I think this should cover it, but let me know if you have any issues: :+1:

  • Go to /admin/customize/themes
  • Click on install and then create new
  • Give it a name, and select ‘component’.
  • Create
  • Add it to your theme(s)
  • Click on the Edit CSS/HTML button and paste the code into the Common tab
  • And save.

That was too easy for me to try. Thanks a lot. It works now for all installed themes with that trick.

I love this software more and more. (And the help I can get)

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