Disqus-like commenting system

We are currently evaluating Discourse as a commenting platform for the TYPO3 community. What we need is a Disqus-like commenting feature for news etc. Although there exists an approach to include Discourse topics below blog posts there are a few drawbacks that we stumbled across:

  • The commenting form should be on the same page as the blog post / news. No redirect to the Discourse site should be necessary.
  • We need a subscribe function that allows the user to subscribe to a topic without having to post a comment.
  • Different themes for different sites should be possible. The theme should integrate well into the parent site where the comments are included (Disqus does that out of the box).

Not sure whether we missed some features and our requirements are already implemented / available - if not, we would be glad to assist (by manpower or funding) with implementing our requirements.

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We have no plans for embedded writable comments at this time.

I was looking for something similar. I believe in the case of documentation sites, it could be really useful to be able to spawn discussions/questions in discourse. Maybe alternatives to this could be a “Ask a question” button kind of integration?
In any case, having discussions relevant to a given article is usually quite useful. If anything changed since this was last posted, I’d be happy to know.

We do the embedded WordPress plugin now. We have thought about building something similar with our Zendesk knowledge base, where the KB comments would link and embedded from discourse.