Diversifying community governance with PolicyKit

Came across this project through a related research paper on moderation: https://policykit.org/

It’s a governance driver for online communities. It replaces user permissions with policy procedures to authorize actions on a platform. Here’s a figure from their research paper how it integrates with Slack:

In the example a user wants to rename a channel. Slack would typically enable that action based on user permission. In this case the action is forwarded to PolicyKit that checks it against an existing policy procedure. It then posts the procedure (majority vote about the renaming) on Slack and depending on outcome either authorizes or rejects the action.

It uses Metagov as gateway, which claims to already support Discourse, but apparently never has been mentioned here on the forum.

I’m not related or involved with either project. I just find it interesting and am curious to hear what others think about it, if anyone is involved in similar projects, how complex it would be to build an integration for Discourse, …


Definitely brings up a good idea around shared governance and making decisions within such a community. I wonder how it would hold up within communities that have no filter for joining and voting. I feel like for this tool to succeed, the communities using it will need a membership that understands their shared responsibilities.