DMCA - Remove Individual Image Best Practices

DMCA was received for one image. There isn’t any information as to which post it is from, so not sure where it is referenced, it’s just a url to the image itself.

Anyone have suggestions for simple clean solutions to handle this removal? I could just remove the one image, but there could possibly be other resizes of the image that ideally should also be removed.

The image url provided references the /originals/ folder luckily. So perhaps just deleting that original file and rebaking posts would be adequate? Just leaving one post somewhere with a broken image.

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Step 0: determine if the DMCA takedown notice is legit; if not, challenge it. :slight_smile:

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I ended up just removing the single image, seeing it is from the /original/ folder, it should be ok. Would have probably been difficult to track down the original if they had only provided a resized image url.

Just open a rails console and enter the following, replacing the large string with the large string in the image URL. If this is an optimized image then remove everything starting from the first underscore (_).

Upload.find_by_sha1('c35ab963fb22f8612697923ebc98d341693cfa1d').posts.each do |p| 
     puts p.url

This will give you the URL(s) to one or more posts that contain the image.

This code will give you the paths to the image and all associated optimized images, assuming local storage.

u = Upload.find_by_sha1('c35ab963fb22f8612697923ebc98d341693cfa1d')
puts u.url
u.optimized_images.each do |oi|
  puts oi.url

Thanks a lot @RGJ, I really appreciate it! I’ll go ahead and clean up the rest now.


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