Image uploads auto deletion for orphaned images

In usual photo upload, the photo gets automatically gets added like this.


I have enabled the following setting in admin panel (and want to keep it)

Enable automatic deletion policy for tombstone uploads. IMPORTANT: If disabled, no space will be reclaimed after uploads are deleted.

If I go directly to that image from browser, it will display in a different url format like the following. I hope this is the direct link for that upload (and the CDN link as I see).

My question is,
If I use the direct link (`https ://d29… etc) instead of the (upload://be90 … etc), will the discourse consider it as a orphaned imaged and remove the uploaded image? Or will it be fine to use both the links?

or else is there any alternative way to use the image within a post than using ![image.svg|25x25](link ...)