Do plugins have stable versions?

Do plugins have stable versions?

In reading many post for the past few months one of the main reasons Discourse admins run into problems is that certain plugin upgrades cause problems.

If certain plugin versions are marked as stable then for those not needing the latest and greatest versions, we can wait for a stable version instead of clicking the upgrade button and crossing our fingers.

Check this topic:


The new plugin version pinning feature is the way forward.

In the meanwhile, for plugins that do not support that (yet), we - as an independent third party - maintain a Github account with plugin forks on commits that are compatible with latest stable. Most plugins there are also tagged for older versions.


I’m hoping that the new pinning system will lessen the maintenance pain on all sides! :pray:

Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) probably notices it a lot more since you guys follow stable by default too, whereas CDCK hosting follows tests-passed. Feel free to PR .discourse-compatibility files so we can get the ball rolling a bit at least for the popular/core plugins!


We’ll certainly be doing that - we’ll adding those files as soon as something breaks on stable from now on!


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