Do we need to keep support for bbcode [ol] and [li] tags

As I am porting over our Markdown engine I am coming across some gems.

One of them is that we support

[li]hello world[/li]

Which outputs:

[li]hello world[/li]

I wonder, do we need to keep this support?

To me this feels like something importers should take care of, not the default engine. I can not think of one reason why it is superior to:

1. hello world

Sounds true, except for sites that are already imported and didn’t change these codes because they didn’t need to. But maybe it won’t matter unless or until a site with those codes rebakes such a post?


As far as I’m concerned we might as well move practically all of our bbcode handling into a plugin, similar to “Awesome BBcodes”.

It could be an officially bundled plugin which is not enabled by default.


Maybe, we still rely heavily on [quote] so it should be more like

  • Basic bbcode (in core)
  • Extended bbcode (plugin)

We also have that bbcode color plugin so that should be merged with extended bbcode eventually too.


My call is not, this removal has raised almost no support.

Weird bbcode features are in this sandbox plugin

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