BBCode formatting issue when migrating from Vanilla to Discourse

There is some formatting issue. Data data is from Vanilla. I have bbcode installed. What am I missing?

We have the same problem, I think the bbcode plugin doesn’t support nested bbcode tags.

hope they can give us answers :frowning:

I suggest remapping BB Code use into proper markdown.

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sir what do you mean by remapping?

how can we remap gem bbcode?

There is a section of the importer that replaces stuff in the original posts with . . . different stuff. You want to make it convert [b] -> <b> and [/b] -> </b>. Like that.

but works fine

You’d need to show the text that DOES NOT work fine from the original post you showed. When you do, put ``` on a line before and after the raw text of the post that is not displaying as you wish.


The problem is with nested bbcode. Do i still need to remap? or discourse just cant handle nested bbcode ?

As mentioned above the bbcode plugin doesn’t handle nested tags. Discourse doesn’t handle much of any bbcode out of the box.


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