Docker-less production install


I have successfully configured a local environment, but I am having trouble deploying the “discourse” application on a Digital Ocean server.

I tried to run the below command on a server

Command: DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME=localhost UNICORN_LISTENER=localhost:3000 bin/ember-cli -u

Can you please help me why the process is killed automatically?

Is there any other way to start the server

I need to set up the application without Docker configuration

Thank you

A docker-less install in Production is not supported here. Only the standard install is supported.

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Can you say more about why you need not to use Docker? But as suggested, it likely won’t matter, as there is no supported way to set up a production environment without docker.


@pfaffman Thank you for your reply.

No, there is no specific reason to bypass the Docker configuration. let’s set the production server with Docker

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Hello @everyone

I have production setup successfully on a server using the help of Docker and working fine. But I have not set up a PostgreSQL connection string connection and it gets the data from the database and saves data in the Database. can you please guide me to where I can find the database?

Also, I need to customize some code-level changes and database levels. So anyone can guide me on how I can create a new docker in my local and how it is redeployed in the same for production?

I Followed the below tutorial

The database is inside the container. It’s port is not exposed.

You’ll need to say what you need to do and why you think you need to make code level changes.

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Hi @pfaffman ,

I need to customize it as per my requirements. I need to add some custom fields on the register forms and the user’s table. Also, I need to customize on create a new Topic popup and a category

Then you want to use user custom fields, which are built in.

You might need a plugin for the other stuff.