Documenting localStorage in same way as cookies

Is there any documentation of how Discourse uses localStorage in the browser? Could it be added to your privacy notice?

I’m looking at getting my privacy notices etc. right before launching a self-hosted instance. I was pleased to find that the cookies used by Discourse are documented in the cookies section of your privacy notice, but I’ve also noticed that Discourse uses localStorage. I believe that, here in the UK, localStorage should be treated in the same way as cookies: the info stored needs to be explained to the user and consent must be sought for non-essential info. Ideally I’d be able to see the same information as for cookies, with the purpose, expiry, and whether it’s essential listed for each key. (And if any keys were non-essential, then I think there’d need to be some way for users to consent before they’re stored.)

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is this what you are looking for?

Thanks for the welcome!

Not really, as it only addresses a very small part of what I want. It does give the purpose of the safeLocalStorage key, but nothing about its expiry or whether it’s essential. And though it reveals the names of a further 9 keys, it has no information other than the names, and doesn’t say whether that list is exhaustive.