Does anyone offer different themes to their community members?

I like how the Discourse forum allows you to pick themes. I am thinking of offering a light and dark version to my users.

Does anyone else offer different themes to their community members? Are there any pitfalls to this?


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Well we are using discourse for a month or so.

We offer the dark and light default theme, but they are the same themes just with different colors.

The user can select the color they prefer.

Offering several themes is more complex.

Because a component that works well in a theme may not work in other theme, a theme may show authors’s avatar at the left of each post while other theme does not show it.
When a user reports some problem, you have to know which theme he is using to understand the problem he is having.

When you try a new component or plugin you should try it with every theme you offer to your users.

If you have dedicated pro admins and very techy people to maintain your forum, it may be an option.

If you are only a few group not very technical better stick to a simplified installation with just one theme or a theme with color variations.


Thanks for the answer, this is good information to know.

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