Domain Content Recommendation

Hello Community,
Hope you are fine. :slight_smile:

I have a domain name:
I am planning to develop and grow it via Discourse but need your advices and recommendations about the content of the community.

What kind of community could that be?
What kind of content can be more matched with this name?

All of your recommendations will be helpful.

kind regards.

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Name suggests more of an apparel/lifestyle product. Maybe try that?



Thank you for your opinion.
A Discourse, a Shop or a Blog?
What do you think?

Sadly, I’m no expert on that. However, You’ll have to decide what you want. It can be one of the three or a combination of all three or something in between.


I would suggest you build a site about something you are passionate about.

You will get more traffic the more extensive and original your content. That’s much more straightforward if you have a keen interest in it. You could force yourself to write about content you have a passing interest in over 6 months, but in the long term you will need to still be engaged despite waining interest.

A good domain name is nice but is merely a small part of the foundations.

Attracting people to your site is non trivial and a lot of work.


I guess you could build a community which purpose is to LOOK for an idea about what community to build :wink: