[DONE, thanks] [PAID] Tool for PM-ing lurkers and laggards $100/hr

[THANKS ALL, we’re set for now. Great to know how fabulous this community is.]

Hi Discoursians…

I’m looking for someone who can build a tool for us. The goal is to increase engagement among some members of the community on our private paid Discourse board.

Like most communities, it follows a power law curve, with a few totally immersed, some dipping in and out, and many lurking.

Here’s the simple spec of what we have in mind:

In the Discourse API you can find when a user was last seen last_seen_at and when they last posted last_posted_at.


We can set a variable for length and a variable for text content on an ad-hoc basis via a simple dashboard or entry point. For example, if a person hasn’t posted in X days, the tool sends them a pm that says, “TEXT VARIABLE.”

We could do this for either the last_seen_at or last_posted_at variable, at our discretion.

We’d want to trigger this manually across our community, not have it be a consistent trigger. But it would be cool if we could also have it always working, and have multiple variables (5 days for the first notice, 20 days for the second, etc.)

And a final bonus feature would be a way to, instead of sending PMs, export the registered email address of each person. We’d then use that list in Ontraport or similar.

Thanks for considering…


Hey Seth! I think I can help you out here. Per some of the new guidelines on how to handle these posts, can you ping me at joe@joebuhlig.com? I’d love to pick up the conversation on this and see how we can work together on this.


Wow, it’s Seth Godin! :wave:

I think this would be an incredibly valuable tool and would love to hear about it’s progress if it evolves to be something public.
Personally I was considering periodically, manually running a query of sorts then import the results into activecampaign to encourage them to kick off a topic.

thanks James… I’ll let the thread know if we build something.


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