"." (dot) in tag

It seems i cannot tag usage “.” (dot) in tag. For example: tag “1.2.3”.

Does Discourse support this?

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Not at the moment, we would need some routing changes on both ember and rails to support this. We avoided this change to date.


(apologies for reviving an old thread… but just found myself looking for this feature again)

In our community, we’d love to have this feature so we could tag discussions about specific versions of our software. The inability to put a period in a tag leads users to come up with various workaround.

For example, tagging discussion for “foo 2.2” becomes “foo-22” (will conflict in 20 versions) or “foo-2-2” or “foo-2_2”. It would be great to be able to use the tag “foo-2.1”.

FWIW - We used to be able to have a dot in a tag name. Some of our old tags have them and still seem to work fine (e.g., they show up in tag lists, you can filter on them, etc.). We just can’t create any new tags with dots in the name.

Extra good karma to anyone who can manage to implement this feature in Discourse. :slight_smile: Any chance it’d be the right size for a GSoC 2019 project?

This is not really GSOC sized, a few hours work, maybe a day or 2 max, but it’s very very fiddly work and we would have to be ultra careful.

Step one is for @codinghorror to decide if this is in the nice to have list or not

I do not think we should support it, way too much downside, not enough upside

Fair enough.

Pasting a one dot leader (U+2024) is accepted in tag names on try.discourse.org and looks like a period. Any chance using one dot leaders wouldn’t require routing changes and discourse could convert periods to one dot leaders when creating tag names?


I strongly suspect hacks like this will be both more fragile and require even more work than doing it properly.

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Seems like periods in tag names have since stopped working; see e.g., https://community.metabrainz.org/tag/musicbrainz.org. We currently have three tags on our forum from when periods were allowed in tags names, but since I can’t access their pages anymore, I also can’t rename them to remove the dots. Is there a workaround for this? I tried URL escaping the . to %2E but this changed nothing.