Dropped special characters in usernames

On our main site there are often people who use underscores and dashes in usernames. When they are ported to our Discourse forum, one or more of those characters is often dropped from the username, resulting in a mismatch.

The forum is provided for the site users only and being able to correlate between the usernames is important.

kayakaya_ becomes kayakaya
__aena13 becomes _aena13

At present we haven’t figured out how to either automatically delete or disable forum accounts when the mains are closed or at least generate a report. Is that possible?

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The usernames are being auto-edited to reflect the Discourse rules for usernames.

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That’s pretty much what I figured. Thankfully we have found a place that keeps the actual username intact.

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We recently added two site settings which allow you to permit more characters in the username

Did you try tweaking those?


We’ll take a look at that and see if it helps. Thank you.