Dynamic Theme Component Settings

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A little bit of context, I’m developing a theme component where I would like the user to be able to set up a number of different variations of theme component depending on the page. I would like for the user to set up different hyperlinks on this component for each page using a theme component setting. However, the number of pages this component will be on will change depending on what the user has defined. Is there a way to make the theme component settings dynamic in some way whether it be via javascript or maybe another setting which details how many pages the component will be on?

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We do not have support for dynamic settings per component, this would require some backend work.

Closest you can get is to use localstorage, but this will not be associated to a user, just to a browser.

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Thanks for your replies, I got around this issue by using a ‘list’ setting and then splitting this out and implementing some logic.

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