Easy responsive footer

(Nichalas Petranek) #21

Works wonderfully now! I appreciate your help.

Now I’ve found a bug with the small links portion of the component. I’ve left the defaults as they were and simply added my forum’s URL to the respective pages. My forum returns this message:
Oops! That page cant be found or doesn't exist!

Umm… yes they do… I can get to them with the address bar in my browser or through the about link in the hamburger menu.

So then I tried using another discourse forum’s (Infinite Flight Community) links to the respective pages and that produced the same result as above.


(Joe) #22

You’re right, that section had a tiny typo. All fixed now, thanks for reporting :+1:


@Nichalas_Petranek I also just pushed another small fix since that section was not respecting the target you set for the link and that’s fixed as well now.



Hi @Johani thanks for the footer mate it’s great one suggestion though would be to add window.onload or similar to the header, the foot was rendering instantly and then flying about as the page loaded behind it, especially for mobile users…

Edit: Actually that seems to not work afterall :confused:

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(Aekansh Dixit) #25

How to use the assets feature?



Can you explain what you mean by the assets feature?


(Aekansh Dixit) #27

The plugin has an option to upload assets in the footer. They are then assigned a variable. I want to know to use those variables or uploaded assets.


(Kris) #28

This sounds more like a general theming question rather than anything specific to this footer component. All themes have the ability to upload assets. Once an asset is uploaded, it can be called in the CSS using the variables (the CSS is accessible).

This explains the asset feature a little more: Include images and fonts in themes and this is a good general guide if you haven’t used our themes before: Beginner's guide to using Discourse themes


(Aekansh Dixit) #29

Thanks a ton! Yes it was stupid question. But here’s another stupid one: CSS can make it as a background image. What if I just want to show a plain image just like the img tag? Without CSS?



Thanks @Johani. So impressive work.

I have tried the footer, but there’s no display of social link images, even no text on the right bottom.

Could you please check it?

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(Joe) #31

I just tried it and everything seems to be working OK

Can you provide more details so that I can try and see what the issue is?

  • Can you share a link to your site?
  • What version of Discourse are you on?
  • What are the settings you entered for the component?
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Thank you for a fast reply.

I saw there’s no social links at your picture’s right bottom.

– discourse version: 2.2.0 beta 5
– I have just done a few changes, deleting some links.


(El Foro Viajero) #33

Hi there,

Is it possible to add Font Awesome icons to the social links or links? thanks!


(Per Torstensson) #34

Thank you for a great plugin @Johani!

I have found a compatibility issue with Header submenus. Due to same naming standards, links will render in both header submenus if they share the same naming for link sections/menu items.

I have fixed this myself by adding a '-footer' suffix to the id-tag.

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(El Foro Viajero) #35

The social links are missing, even though I add this:

Facebook, Join us on Facebook, El Foro Viajero - Home | Facebook, blank

it’s like the links and icons are there, but it won’t show…


(sajid) #36

after upgrading it to the latest discourse version alignment is changed and social media icon is also missing. how can i solve this problem?


(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #37

yap in mobile wersion mesing whole site …