Edit or Disable "community" in sidebar menu

Already tried search (so overwhelming!) Zoikes!

On the new sidebar, is there a way to edit (or disable) what shows up in the “community” dropdown (everything, my posts etc)

We don’t really want all the things in there and was hoping there is an easy button / UI for editing those things (example links to badges or FAQ’s )


This post in theme-component Hide Sidebar has code for hiding just community.

Might be a starting point

Scroll to top and there is a link back to sone code as well.


Alas, there isn’t at the moment.

But the @team is working on it:

Until that is more widely available you are left with hiding some or all of the Community section with CSS (is pretty straightforward for admins) or doing some slightly crazier hacky stuff as chronicalled here:

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Pretty much everything to know has been said here by @Heliosurge and @nathank :slight_smile:

To add a bit nonetheless, if you want to hide an element, you can do it with CSS.

This is an excellent resource to start with this kind of modification: Make CSS changes on Your Site

To summarize, you’ll use your browser development tools to find which HTML element to hide and put a display: none; CSS rule on it.

If you want to reorder some elements, it can also be done with CSS. It’s a little bit more advanced, and it will depend on what you want to reorder and the exact order you want.

I give an example here:


What if we want to add some elements or pages into the sidebar menu or if we want to add more items like some custom pages into it then how we can achieve that?


The best way at the moment is to add this code to your Theme (or make your own Theme Component) based upon this (or the post below it):

I had a go at packaging this into its own configurable Theme Component based on the Hamburger Links TC but I got stuck on getting the variables from a list into the code. I’m sure someone more clever than I could do it in a few minutes!

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Thanks Nathan, I’m going to play around with it this weekend - PS, we’re live! Real Estate Webmasters Forum / REW Community - For Top Agents, Teams & Brokers (excited to have the new upgrade)

Is there a “what’s new” thread somewhere talking about all the new features? I’m embarrassed to say we were quite a few versions behind, I want to make sure I’m not missing any cool new things that aren’t on my radar.

Apprecaite your help my man!

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Congrats, and I hope that your journey with Discourse is deeply rewarding! Your site looks really good.

I recommend checking out and maybe watching release-notes to keep abreast of major features as they are released.

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If you update now, you’ll be able to add a new custom section visible to all your users without resorting to dropping in scripts if you wish:

It works for external links, but just not my links (i.e. /my/preferences/profile)