Elections Plugin

Thanks, Angus! This all looks really great. I guess when I try the elections functionality out on your sandbox I’ll learn more about how it works and identify more sticking points. Thanks for addressing the START ELECTION moderator temptation issue. :wink:

As regards eligibility requirements - a description field (maybe that can be expanded/closed?) is a great idea and that can work for many use cases, instead of a link. How about a tickbox, e.g. “I have read the eligibility requirements and confirm that I meet them.” followed by a link to expand/close it?

BTW, did you look at the full election process I included in the post below? There is a screening step foreseen there, by a selection committee, to avoid wasting time of all members reviewing nominations that are not going to be considered. I like the full democracy concept you are developing here though and if the process is effectively handled by your plugin I am open to trying it without the screening step. Uneligible nominations can always be removed by us before voting begins.

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