Email issue -- Reply User Not Matching

We’re getting reports of email replies to discourse bouncing with “Email issue – Reply User Not Matching” in the subject. Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong?

Here’s an example:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”] (titled Re: Namati is hiring! Junior Program Officer/Program Officer - Myanmar [Namati Internal]) didn’t work.

The original notification was not sent to this email address. Try sending from a different email address, or contact a staff member.

Hmm, this is the second report of this issue… Will have a look.


thanks! much appreciated.

I got a report earlier this week and again from another member yesterday. This morning I updated to latest and tested myself, and have not seen the problem. Of course, breaking troubleshooting rule number one and not attempting to replicate it first. :wink:

I’ve asked those two members to let me know if it occurs again.

I have also been getting reports of this problem all of a sudden. Running the latest version.

That is interesting. Which version are you running exactly?

I don not use pop3 to get mails into discourse, but post them using curl and if the user mail address is wrong, I only get back a HTTP 500 error with no reason at all. The reason is however logged in Discourse.

if this problem is not related, let me know and I will file a separate bug report.

@tobiaseigen helped me debug this issue. It’s due to the bug introduced in 1bb485f and fixed in d51019e.

All emails sent between these two commits (only a couple of days) will not have the user associated to the email log. Which means that whenever we process an incoming email that uses a reply_key, it won’t match any user and will thus be rejected.

I just pushed a migration that should fix all the email_logs that were created between that period and I highly recommend that you guys upgrade to latest ASAP if you haven’t already.


Mine sent 4x digests to some users today :slight_smile: lots of emails.
Also started seeing reply user not matching.
I saw the no user in the email sent list and guessed thats why digests were repeating.

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Forgot to mention this: It was resending the digest emails to the same people repeatedly every couple of hours I turned off digest emails but it seemed to keep sending. Only when I turned off all emails did it stop.