Email notification for private group messages

I have tried to send two different private messages, message A for a user X and message B for a group (staff) - group which happen to include the same user X, btw.

I noticed that a notification e-mail was sent to the user X about message A, but no member of staff received an e-mail notification about message B, including user X.

Is this by design, an error, or what?
In summary, I would like to communicate with the whole staff and make sure they receive an e-mail notification about it (without requiring them to take the action to watch a specific category). How can I accomplish that? Thank you.

Have you checked the notification level for your staff group?

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It’s “Watching”:

Did they get a notification when they were logged in to the site? By default discourse doesn’t send you an email for a notification that you have already seen.


They are not logged in.

Is it possible that setting max users notified per group mention might be affecting this? It was modified to 0, but it should be only related to mentions, not private messages.

The default is 100, why was it zeroed?

You can easily revert it to see if it affects email notifications.


I reverted it, but still no luck. Is this by design, or a bug, or a misconfiguration?
I’d appreciate if anyone could give me some guidelines, at least what or how I should check for something. I have no idea where to look for.

Are users receiving any email notifications whatsoever?

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Yes, watched categories, topics, mailing lists, and, as I mentioned above, even private messages to single users. Just private message to staff group (the only group I tried) is not working.

Not sure if bumping is allowed? Is there any other way to get help on this subject?

How many people are in this group?

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The group has 9 members

Ok, I tried to send a message to a different group, and it worked - this second group has almost the same members as the staff (just one additional member).
The only difference is that one is a manually created group, and the other is the staff group.
Is this by design? Staff group doesn’t receive e-mail notifications when messaged?

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