Emails Suddenly Delayed in Sidekiq

Hi All,

I’ve noticed that suddenly I’m getting delays of 12-24 hours on emails and also duplicate emails being sent from one of my Discourse installs.

I update this particular Discourse instance once a week or so and it has been running flawlessly for a couple of years now.

All of my authentication settings look fine in my aml file and when I log into my SMTP transaction service all I see I perfect reception of emails at the delayed time (and the duplicates). No auth errors or anything else.

In Sidekiq I see this:

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)>

Which seems to indicate some kind of connection issue … which I can’t see any other indication of other than Sidekiq.

This SMTP service is also perfectly working from the same machine with another instance of Discourse (same version) and a few Wordpress installs.

Has anything changed recently in AML file handling for emails … or can anyone offer any pointers on how to diagnose something like this?

Thanks heaps!