Embed Discourse Post in Wordpress blog post?

Hi team,

It it possible to embed a Discourse forum post, into a post on my wordpress blog?

I have a forum user who created a great forum post, and I would like to feature his forum post in a new wordpress blog post that I am creating.




Would something like what is outlined in this post work for you?

It’s not yet a part of the WordPress plugin, but it could be added if there is some interest in using it.


Is it part of the plugin now? How to integrate Discourse Forum with WordPress – WPism says one feature is “Ability to publish selected posts as Forum topics on Discourse”.

Yes. You can link an existing Discourse topic to a WordPress post:


Linking a Discourse topic to a WordPress post does not pull the Discourse topic’s content to WordPress. It just pulls the Discourse comments to the WordPress post. Once an existing Discourse topic is linked to a WordPress post, you get the same functionality as you get when you publish a new post to Discourse.