Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript


(Robin Ward) #277

Probably not. We use a crawler that does something like “readability” to extract text. I suspect SVGs will not work.

If you are using a feed URL such as RSS/Atom then yes.

It was not designed for this so it is unsupported.

(Mehmet Dogan) #278

SVGs are essential to my application since it is about data visualisation, is there any way I can make this work?

(Robin Ward) #279

The relevant code is here. It uses ruby-readability as a base library.

If you have the time and know your way around ruby, you could dig into how it works and see what’s involved in getting SVGs to work.

(technik3489109238) #280

Is there any way to embed the statistics frame form the admin panel like a post somewhere else?
If yes, how can this be accomplished?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Robin Ward) #281

There is no way to embed anything like that right now. You would be better off using the API and creating such a feature yourself.

(Jeremy M) #282

So if I understand this correctly, the Embedded CSS section is how the content for the javascripts/embed.js is displayed on the site that you want to embed comments from a topic for?

(Guillaume Blin) #283


I know this is an old question but have you found a solution to reverse the order of the embedded posts? Has this functionality been implemented since?

I am trying to use a hidden topic that I embed on my website as a mean to publish some news. I found this recent topic on the matter which for now does not get much attention so I am trying here as well.

I also wonder how to make the embedded iframe scrollable. Any idea?

Many Thanks!

(hosna) #284

Is there a way to create the topic, only when someone actually posts a comment? I have thousands of blog posts. this way It would spam my forum.
Any Idea or suggestion for my situation?

BTW, It is also not compatible with RTL language.

(Kirupa Chinnathambi) #285

Is it possible to delete the extracted text from the first post? I seem unable to do this. I can only delete the text above the “Show Full Post” button but not the contents of the Post themselves.

(Jeremy M) #287

Forgive me if it’s already been answered or asked / suggested but I couldn’t find it… If there’s a topic with a large number of replies, how do we restrict the number that are displayed and then offer a “Read More” kind of thing…?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #288

That what the second setting in the embed page does: Maximum number of posts to embed.

(Jeremy M) #289

DOH! Good thing I have an eye appointment scheduled for next year… If I make it that far

(Азамат Гилимханов) #290

Hello. I cannot add cyrillic domain as hostname to allowed hosts.


I can add domain.test, but it now work for embedding. And I cannot add any cyrillic domain with punycode :frowning:

Can you help? Thank you.

(nate) #291

I think the problem might have been that I used the “system” user as the poster for embedded topics (not sure if that’s allowed), or maybe I just didn’t wait long enough. I changed it to my username and checked back some time later, and now I have topics!

However, I am getting an error when trying to actually display the comments: the response is a 404 not found (with an X-Frame-Options header set to SAMEORIGIN, so it displays nothing but I can see it in the console).