Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript


(Jhf2442) #272

oh and BTW, the embedded discourse messages list doesn’t refresh at all - did I miss some configuration option ?

(Mehmet Dogan) #275

I will have svg graphics on my page, will they be extracted as well?

My second question is, if the contents of the page later updated, will discourse site be updated as well? if not automatically, is there a manual way updating it?

Thanks, and sorry if any of these questions are repetitive. I read about half of the thread… reading all 182 posts was quite a challenge for me. This also made me think, there needs to be a better way of grouping similar issues.

(technik3489109238) #276

Is it possible to embed to embed multiple topics in one page with different div class ids?
I am not able to integrate two at once in two boxes beneath each other, everything gets either not displayed, or all in one box…

Does anyone can think of a solution for this?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Robin Ward) #277

Probably not. We use a crawler that does something like “readability” to extract text. I suspect SVGs will not work.

If you are using a feed URL such as RSS/Atom then yes.

It was not designed for this so it is unsupported.

(Mehmet Dogan) #278

SVGs are essential to my application since it is about data visualisation, is there any way I can make this work?

(Robin Ward) #279

The relevant code is here. It uses ruby-readability as a base library.

If you have the time and know your way around ruby, you could dig into how it works and see what’s involved in getting SVGs to work.

(technik3489109238) #280

Is there any way to embed the statistics frame form the admin panel like a post somewhere else?
If yes, how can this be accomplished?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Robin Ward) #281

There is no way to embed anything like that right now. You would be better off using the API and creating such a feature yourself.

(Jeremy M) #282

So if I understand this correctly, the Embedded CSS section is how the content for the javascripts/embed.js is displayed on the site that you want to embed comments from a topic for?

(Guillaume Blin) #283


I know this is an old question but have you found a solution to reverse the order of the embedded posts? Has this functionality been implemented since?

I am trying to use a hidden topic that I embed on my website as a mean to publish some news. I found this recent topic on the matter which for now does not get much attention so I am trying here as well.

I also wonder how to make the embedded iframe scrollable. Any idea?

Many Thanks!

(hosna) #284

Is there a way to create the topic, only when someone actually posts a comment? I have thousands of blog posts. this way It would spam my forum.
Any Idea or suggestion for my situation?

BTW, It is also not compatible with RTL language.