Embedding with logins. Iframe too small?

I’m having an issue with embedded comments.

The iframe embeds ok and connects to the discourse site.
Discourse forward to my app for login, but the iframe is too small to show the login form.

Is this something I need to fix with CSS? Does the discourse iframe resize itself?

Just curious if there is something I missed. Thanks!


Hey @codinghorror and @eviltrout - was about to hijack my previous thread, but posted a new one.

Thanks again for the help!


You are using embedded comments + required login?

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Hi @Falco, yes.

Embeded comments show in the blog post. Which links to the discourse site. Which does OAuth(?) authentication to my app. The Login page of my app is too small to show in the iframe created by the embedded code.

Oh, snap! I think I see what you mean. Discourse is configured not to show these topics without a logged in user.

I have this option enabled: login required - Require authentication to read content on this site, disallow anonymous access.

So maybe that’s the problem. I don’t remember why I turned that on (I configured discourse several months ago). I think I can turn it off, and then configure any private categories individually if I want them hidden.

Does that seem right?

Thanks in advance!


Exactly, that would be the best way to handle private conversations + public comments.

Awesome, thanks! Seeing this all in action and working together, makes me so happy. These are really killer features.