Ember Inspector Can't See View Tree / Ember Inspector Version Issues

I noticed this morning that I could no longer see the full View Tree in my Ember inspector. Instead I just saw this:

Obviously the first thing I did was check whether it was my dev environment or my browsers. I installed the latest Ember Inspector in both Chrome and Firefox and used it on a fresh instance of Discourse. The problem persisted.

I then tracked it down to this commit updating Ember that was causing the issues for me.

I still suspect though that it’s an issue with my Ember Inspector not updating correctly. Chrome tells me I have version 2.0.4 installed:

However, when I click Info on my Ember Inspector I see version 1.10.0 which may explain the issues.

Firefox also reports version 1.10.0 even though I installed the latest version on Firefox for the first time today.

Stupid question, but these are definitely talking about the same Ember Inspector aren’t they?

Has anyone else run into this issue?


Not sure perhaps @eviltrout would know?

That’s weird, because I’m on Ember Inspector 1.10.0 as well and I can see the view tree here on meta:

However on localhost I see the same error you do. I wonder if it is a bug with Ember Inspector or perhaps something Discourse is doing? You might want to ask the Ember Inspector people for help as I don’t know much about how it works anymore.


Exactly. It works on meta but not locally. I will post in the Ember forum and see if anyone has any insight.

I assume meta is running on the latest tests-passed branch? If nobody has deployed in three days though it might be why it works on meta but not locally.

Yeah meta is running the tests passed branch. It usually deploys a few times a day so it’s very up to date. The main difference between localhost and meta is production mode flags and builds are enabled.