Ember_jquery 429 error


Does this code make sense to anyone else? Any ideas on why a 429 is being returned?

In various ways I am finding an ember_jquery-530b142 in the report that returns a 429 error.

Discourse Ajax function uses jQuery under the hood, so every rate limit error coming from the Discourse will have jQuery somewhere in the backtrace.

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Ok. Is there a good way to go a step back and find the origin of the rate limit error?

Does it happens when.using your instance normally? If it does, browsers developer tools will show you exactly why.

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Hi, it does, but I am not sure where to look within the developer tools. Evidently the screenshots above are of the wrong error screen to find the source of the 429 error.

@Falco, Is there a particular browser you use for debugging? And is there a specific window or tool you recommend for identifying the source of 429 errors? Many thanks in advance!

Both Firefox and Chrome will show 429 sources in Network and Console tabs.

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