Emoji +1 goes away?


Before this version (don’t remember when exactly), if you put:
:+1: the emoji that shows up was :thumbsup:

Now, a lot of discussions are with :+1: (without image) :frowning:

This is a bug?
Or how can I add :+1: ?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yeah in the last round of Emoji changes we lost the plus one shortcut @eviltrout which I do kinda miss.

(Robin Ward) #3

It’s because we updated to use emoji.json from the emoji one people. It’s a much more comprehensive and up to date dictionary of words -> emojis.

Having said that, +1 does alias to thumbs up, so I’m curious why you miss it? Typing that will still select the proper emoji!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Not really, you have to press enter to autocomplete and all the old posts with :+1: are busted now :frowning:


I miss it, because in my forum the :+1: were too used.
Now, after the update, the messages were read with :+1: instead :thumbsup: icon.

(Jeff Wong) #6

If you need to, you could also run a find/replace script using one of the scripts that run on the discourse APIs out there, but this would also unfortunately count as an edit on posts, and pull the post to the top, as recent activity.

(Robin Ward) #7

Here’s a fix that allows the old shortcuts to work too: