Emoji don't appear in user card description or user profile posts

:loudspeaker: Very crucial, high urgency bug :warning::warning::warning:

Emoji do not display anymore in a user card’s description. They do appear in the description fine on the full profile page, but not on user card.

They used to appear fine on user card, not sure when they stopped working. Now it just shows the [emoji] bracket code instead of the graphic.

This might have something to do with the changes @sam made here for 1.3.

Just noticed too that this same bug exists when viewing a user’s posts on their profile.

Well [emoji] is not a bug, that is intentional. Talk to @sam about it.

That seems confusing.

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We strip images to maintain height, we should probably special case so we retain emojis cause they take very little height.


@sam this?


Sure … lets make that happen.

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Adding the PR link here in case someone decides to work on this feature.