EmojiOne just released all new emoji

Built from the ground up, we’ve re-designed every emoji all over again in the latest release which went live yesterday: https://emojione.com/emoji/v3

We’ve been a very grateful to be included as the default emoji for the Discourse platform and will of course continue to offer continued updates. I’ll be messaging Jeff and giving him a download link to the new artwork. :sparkles:

Thx to everyone who’s supported us through the years. Would love your feedback on our latest designs (good, bad, or ugly). It’s been quite a journey!

Rick, CEO and Founder


Your sample image is startlingly yellow. It seems that you do have some fitzpatricks in the actual icon set, but I don’t see “skintone” or “fitzpatrick” in your FAQ. And for joined emoji, there don’t seem to be non-yellow variations.

Is that in the roadmap?


Hi Elijah,

We follow Unicode’s emoji blueprint, which don’t yet have skin tones specifications for couples (as seen above). If they do ever make this part of the standard spec, we’ll absolute add those icons.

As for our color choice, we chose to go with orange hair on yellow skin as our neutral base. These colors vary by vendor as seen from EmojiPedia:

Thx for the feedback!


I believe these new Emoji will be in the Emoji picker UI update @joffreyjaffeux is working on.


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