Enabling Login to Discourse from a third party api

We are using Discourse for our own two applications for SSO Login. Now we have a requirement that a third party app, need to access our application. Here the control passes on internally as a rest call and it is required for the user to automatically login by the user details of the third party app. In this case the login page of Discourse shouldn’t come in, instead it should pass the login verification internally and then continue accessing our application. Is it possible with the current features available? If yes, please guide us with some documentation on it.

Thanks in Advance.

I migh not quite understand the situation…

What I understood is that you are using discouse as an identity provider for two of your own apps… and then you want to use another third party app as identity provdier?

In other words users can access your app either with Discoure or a 3rd party app?

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Yes, on top of Discourse I want to add another identity provider, so that I can integrate with my third party app is that possible?

I am just not sure which app has the source of truth. You are using Dicourse as identity provider that means each user by default should have a discourse account… But you also want users to access your app without relying to discourse, would that means discourse account is not required to access your app?. If that is true then probably what you need to do is develop to support auth with a third party apps, and then depending on the source of credentials(either discouese or 3rd party app) you set the logic of your app…

Thanks for replying to my post. The 3rd party app uses a different IDP (Identity Provider) whereas my 2 applications use Discourse. With my current scenario if I want to integrate 3rd party app I have to integrate with its corresponding IDP, since we implemented Discourse for having common login for both the applications ,the login page of Discourse comes in-between where its required to enter credentials and click on Login manually.

Inorder to integrate the 3rd party app I need to skip this manual login part. Just wanted to know whether is this possible or not.