Encourage members to install WebApp

Chrome provides ‘Add to Home Screen’ option to install site as WebApp and discourse also prompt to add to home screen. But is their any way to encourage members to add to their home screen. For example, a link that takes members to a page, will do the job.

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We already have a PWA install promotion banner built-in.

It is triggered after a logged in user hits Trust Level 1, and shows a banner at the top promoting the install.


Yes, I know that discourse already have pwa install promotion banner. But I am talking about making visitors install pwa, like an url which takes people to installation page, where they can install. I can even share the url in my social media platform asking people to install!!

Why would a visitor install the pwa if they haven’t taken the time to register? We know what’s in it for you, but what’s in it for them?


Just like any other app, visitors will install only if they think the app worth installing. Once they have installed on their devices, they can register anytime. Just similar to play store, we download the app, install it, then register!!

If you want an experience similar to the Play Store the best way to get that is, well, putting your site on the Play Store.

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