ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE trying to get push_service_worker.js

I’m running Discourse in a docker container behind a reverse proxy with Apache, so my app.yml config file is
- “8080:80” # http
- “4443:443” # https
The reverse proxy works for http connections. I installed a ssl certificate with letsencrypt as explained here, and it works too.
Chrome Developer Tools show that if fails to GET push-service-worker.js

Browsing in Chrome gives Discourse custom error 404 page. What could be the problem here?

Why are you exposing 4443 if https is done on Apache?

@Falco At first I thought the way to have a https would be to have another reverse proxy, same as for http.

Did you enable the plugin on settings? Also is force_ssl enabled?

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I had just uninstalled the plugin for testing. Installed and activated and error disappears. Sorry for being so dummy. I thought I had found the reason why Push Notifications don’t work for me.