Error 422 when reordering categories

Good morning,

Discourse version 3.1.0.beta4
I’m trying to reorder the categories from the UI and when I press save order I get a 422 error. Interesting fact: my categories on the main Discourse page doesn’t have the same order on the reorder categories page.
Example : I have the supervisor category at position 4 on my main page, on the other hand when I go on the reorder categories page, the supervisor category is not at position 4, but at position 23 and if I press on save , it will go to position 23 as shown in the reorder categories page. I have the 422 error that appears, but there are still changes that have taken place.
Last week I had no problems with the reorganization, I only had this problem when I moved the new category my script created today to the first position.
In the preview page of Chrome I have a little more details about the error:
The change you wanted was rejected. Maybe you tried to change something you didn’t have access to.

I’m admin, so I shouldn’t get this error.
In the source code I have this exception that throws :
SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’ "<!DOCTYPE "… is not a valid JSON

Done a server reboot
Enabled Allow Uncategorized Topic option

Do you have an idea what I could do ?

I’m afraid I can’t replicate this on my test site. When I change the order of the categories they reorder without any error.

Could it be something to do with how you’ve created this category outside of the UI?

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Maybe, but I’ve done lots of categories this way and never had an issue. I did it through the API. I know that one of my categories had a name too long and my script was not able to create it, do you think it could be the issue ?

You could try output your category data via the rails console or data explorer, and see if there’s anything weird in it. :thinking:

I’ve slipped this over to support as we couldn’t get a clear repro.

Did you manage to resolve this in the end?