Error 500 when installing Avatar Size and Shape

hi, i get a “500 error” :frowning:

Are you certain that comes from this component? Does it occur in safe mode with only themes disabled?


yes, thats only with this component

If you tried with only themes and theme components disabled via safe mode, then themes are not the issue, it’s a plugin issue. What plugins do you have installed?

only the Dark/Light Mode Toggle

That’s a theme, not a plugin. Could you check the admin/plugins page while in safe mode?

This is likely a side-effect of this change:

The default value of this component setting should be a string (e.g., "0", or the type should integer).

However, it’s probably unintentional considering it returns a 500 error. Previously, it seems the value was converted to a string DEV: Centralise logic for validating a theme setting value by tgxworld · Pull Request #25764 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


Strange, considering it didn’t cause any issues on amc, where I installed it and tested it (hence me asking about plugins)


Thank you. I can do anything in my end?

when was that Discourse instance updated? The pr above was commited on Feb 19, so perhaps the amc forum hasn’t updated since before that.

No we will get it sorted out when a developer has a look at it. :slight_smile:


We usually update every few days, I guess we hadn’t updated recently enough though.


I think this has now been fixed in:

Could you give it a try and see it if works for you now?


It’s working fine now


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