Escape key when writing on the chat: unfocus the input instead of closing the chat?

I was writing or editing a message in the chat.

I wanted to do something else, and I pressed escape without even thinking, expecting it would unfocus the input.
Instead, it closed the chat, and I didn’t even remember in which personal chat or channel I was writing or editing my message.

I propose that pressing esc would unfocus the input, and would close the chat only if the input isn’t focused or empty.

If we open the post composer, if we press esc while the content is empty, it closes the composer.
If we press esc, it minimizes the composer, leaving it still noticeable and available to continue writing.

So maybe having some sort of similiar behavior on the chat could be nice?

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this happened to me as well a few days ago. i escaped to focus on desktop but i did not expect the chat to close.

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I will have a look :+1:


That should do it

Thanks :+1:


Fast and efficient, as all cats with collars & ties should be. :clap:

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