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You made me confused for a moment, but I’m sure I’m using your plugin? I mean this is all I have in my .yml

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
(Angus McLeod) #373

The Local Dates plugin is included in Discourse by default. The modal in your screenshot is from that plugin. The Events Plugin modal looks like this

Here’s a guide to the composer UI


I have translated around 97% of this plugin, except for the stuff I don’t know…

Add a link to the site agenda to the hamburger menu.

What is this supposed to mean? I don’t know what is a “hamburguer menu”.

Let me know and I can finish the translation. After you push it, how I can update my plugin and change the language?

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(Tobias Eigen) #375

“hamburger menu” is the menu in the top right corner in the forum that looks like three horizontal lines.

(Danny Goodall) #376

It is so called because the three lines are supposed to represent the three layers of a burger - bun, burger, bun.

I don’t know if that helps with the translation.

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(Markus) #377

I’d like to share some thoughts with you guys:

I absolutely love this plugin. :heart_eyes:

It solves a lot of issues I’ve previously had by managing lectures and other courses inside Discourse. Discoure is not just great for civil discussions, it also enables me to keep track on knowledge and development cycles. Unfortunately, the events plugin drives me a little bit crazy.

  1. There is fear about future updates and dependencies, that won’t might work any longer. It would be so great, if the core dev team of Discourse would integrate this plugin by default. If the day will come and the plugin stops working, I possibly can’t access to the topics any longer. Date and time information, that are extremely relevant, might be no longer available. Especially, if the only workaround to get rid of usability issues, is to disable the plugin.

  2. I have a looooot of old events, I’d like to see (in the right order) into the calendar and agenda. But each edit will highlight the old topic at the categories startpage as new / recent activity. This will be very confusing for others to see, if I bring up topics from 2016 and newer. But how can I disable this?

What do you think guys

Should I stop at the very beginning and keep my old schema of topic names with Date and Name of the event or should I risk a full migration of all events, at least the new ones?

For sure, I can work with manual created TOCs and link each topic/event as I do right know. But I really like to see a more secure, reliable future for this incredible plugin.

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Discourse Calendar
(Makary Gołosz) #378

There is a built-in action to “reset bump time” for each topic edited :slight_smile:
Ed.: it’s built into Discourse core AFAIK:

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(Angus McLeod) #379

Thanks for translating! You can update the events plugin at /admin/upgrade.

I understand the concern, but you can’t expect the Discourse team to bring everything into core. There is a fully featured plugin system in Discourse for a reason. I plan to keep supporting this plugin for the foreseeable future.

There’s a category setting that allows you to suppress it from the homepage.

It’s up to you mate :slight_smile: If you have issues, you can post them here and I’ll help you.


Well I have no idea how to translate this for my language in a way people would understand lol…

@angus I’m happy to help :smile: I just noticed there are some small errors because of the lack of context when translating but now that I see it live, I see that small things can be changed.

That would be like removing a final “.” where it shouldn’t be there, but I can’t do that anymore in transifex? The option to save changes is greyed out?

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(Tobias Eigen) #381

I think the quick edit of topic titles, category, tags etc (pencil link next to title) does not bump the topic. This would be another reason @angus to add event details editing there, as I’ve requested previously.

I have this same situation and don’t see it as a big deal even if it’s a bit repetitive. I keep the date in the title, in parentheses after the topic title. Example:

hehe. not such a big deal, really, since it’s just an admin setting. You could just call it whatever “main menu” is in your language.

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(Markus) #382

Actually, It’s a little bit confusing that the date (and if set, also the time) will be shown in topic title names and while working inside the topic, the short term is disappearing and becomes minimalistic.

There are some events, like course series, that doesn’t change the name at all, except of the date and iteration.

A perfect workaround for me and others, with (dozens of) existing dates inside the topic title, would be some kind of auto-detection method. This functionality should keep the previous date value inside the topic title and automatically add it as event date (without any specific time 00:00).

I guess this would save some of us a lot of time by not changing hundreds of topic names and adding date (and time) values manually. In addition to that, I‘m much more confident about the reliability in case the plugin will eventually stop working in the future. The most important information, the date next to the event name, is there it should be.

(Angus McLeod) #383

Trying to auto-detect dates folks have entered into titles as raw text is not practical. The permutations of formatting are many and various.

I’m happy to help you out with specific concerns, but I can’t really help with the general concern that the plugin may break one day in some unspecified way.

In a cosmic sense, all things break eventually. All I can say is that I plan to continue supporting this plugin for the foreseeable future.


I find this very helpful. Thanks for creating this. :slight_smile:

(Markus) #385

As far as I know, there are not so many (most commonly used) permutations

(YY)YY-MM-D(D) +
D(D)-MM-YY(YY) +
… and the written word of the month between the day and year.

… with a dot or “-” as separator. And there are existing validation methods out there.

I’m glad to hear this. This is very kind and I appreciate this.

Discourse requires it’s own (at least virtual) server and is very powerful by default. Most of the features are way better than previous stand-alone / plugin LAMP solutions, I’ve tried dozens over the years. Some people might call it the “Eierlegende Wollmilchsau”. :smiley: For the first time in history we’ve got a open source solution, I would bet, this could work at least the next 10 years. Perfect for knowledge base use-cases …

Over the past years, I’m maintaining my instances in the most reliable way. I guess, most of us experienced broken rebuilds, blank pages and other major issues … at least for a couple of minutes up to several hours. That’s way, I prefer official plugins more than other great plugins, like this one. Events is amazing, but I don’t like to change all of the topic names to have a unified scheme. All of my topic names follow the scheme “DD.MM.YYYY - Name” (sometimes with comma instead of - ).

By the way: There is small usability issue.
I’ve experienced an issue with “long” category and subcategory names with the new tabs “calendar” and “agenda” next to it. The topic buttons on the top right corner creating a line break. Especially on mobile devices. Therefore, I’m also looking for a setting to enable a drop-down menu for both new entries OR by merging both views in one tab. You might know, like the list view of this calender on the top right corner.

What do think? :slight_smile:

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(Markus) #386

@angus: I have thought a little bit about my issue with the new topic title declaration.

To keep all my previous topic titles unchanged, I just need the possibility to remove the text in “events event label short format”.

But if I do so, I’ve still found some (very long) unfomated date and time information in my topic list.

It would be great, if some function interpret an empty format field field as “show no date/time info” at all.

Wish you a nice weekend so far!

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(Tobias Eigen) #387

My suggestion would be that you create a rake task or database query to search for topics with that scheme in the title and then enable events with dates for matching titles. It might get complicated but would not require Angus to put in work that he doesn’t need for his own purposes, and without extending the events plugin unnecessarily. It’s already full of some pretty amazing functionality and if he works on it more I’d prefer it if he added improvements to the RSVP feature. It has so much promise. :seedling:

I don’t know how to create this query, but I think alot of people (including me) would benefit from it. Maybe Angus can give you some pointers.

(Markus) #388

Sure, a rake task could handle this as well. Maybe? Actually, I don’t know, what will happen. I have no experience with that and destroying the database with no experience on a productive system is more than a fail.

But what I can say is, that some kind of “if-then-else” routine at the right line of code, would be much easier and other people like me, would also benefit from this.

IF (events event label short format) IS EMPTY
THEN replace ($date and $time value in topic lists) with (``)
OTHERWISE (do nothing and interpret the format as usual)

I really appreciate any kind of help.

(Angus McLeod) #389

Sure, that’s reasonable. I’ve made that change.

(Markus) #390

Thank you @angus ! This helps me a lot.

Bug: Not sure why, but on Mobile Safari, Discourse is showing the agenda still with date values.

Missing setting: I don’t know how this area is officially called, but I guess, if you could integrate the Events date edit button to this area, it would be possible to instantly add date/time values and Discourse isn’t bumping up each topic to recent activities. You might know the silent minor edits…

After re-enabling the checkbox in category preferences, all recently edited topics are visible on the front page. This is bad, in case, I need to push new material to this category and everything old will pop-up between the new stuff.

Maybe my expectations are too high and specific. But maintaining old events is a big pain in the ass :smiley:

(Angus McLeod) #391

I’ve fixed the issue with mobile :slight_smile:

Having an extra event control in the topic edit area has been requested in the past. It’ll happen soon.