Discourse Calendar


(Vinoth Kannan) #1

Official calendar plugin for Discourse.

Repo: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-calendar

The Discourse calendar plugin allows you to create a dynamic calendar in the first post of a topic. You can add new events by posting a reply with a date using “Insert Date” modal.

To embed the calendar use [calendar] [/calendar] bbcode. Optionally you can hide weekends and other days with [calendar weekends="false" hiddenDays="1,2"] [/calendar] attributes. Hidden days are 0 to 6 for Sunday to Saturday respectively.

Holiday Calendar

By holiday_calendar_topic_id setting you can use a calendar to manage staff holidays. It will add an emoji :desert_island: next to the staff names in their holiday period. I t will also include a calendar icon in their mentions.


Dynamic Events Calendar

Holiday Flair


Holiday Mention Icon


Discourse 2.2.0.beta3 Release Notes
Ability to mark any post as unread
(Etienne Girardet) #2

great idea. thanks. would it be possible to dynamically pull in content from other calendars (like google or icloud)?

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

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(Markus) #4

Is it possible to subscribe the calendar via CalDAV by other nativ calendar applications?
(This would be the most important feature for me.)

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #5

No, but we definitely want to explore options on this in the future.

(Markus) #6

A really great project! Love to see more on this …

Currently, I’m exploring multiple solutions to organise lectures, courses and other kind of events with Discourse. With all the great features, Discourse accomplish most of my knowledge base goals. Discussions become much more vibrant and focused for learning new things. In my case, most (sub-)categories are used for notes and material specially for each lecture.

Until now, I have to link each lecture/course event manually on the about topic of the category.

The (unofficial) Events Plugin is also a great way to go. But it has some very disturbing disadvantages.

What I actually require is this great plugin with …

  1. the option to add category-wide dates to the calendar.
  2. some kind of agenda overview (with filtering start and end date)
  3. and last but not least a filter option to only add dates from a specific user group.


(Kankuro) #7

Is there any way to hide the calendar completely from users who aren’t logged in? Maybe show a “you must be logged in to view this” page/modal instead?

(Vinoth Kannan) #8

It is not possible. Instead you should create the calendar in a secure category.