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(Angus McLeod) #345

@gwmngilfen Sorry for the slow reply, are you still experiencing the same issue?

Yes, users can set this in their ‘interface’ preferences.

hm, the weekend after next? Remind me about it on the Friday before that weekend and I promise I’ll do it then.

(Greg) #346

@angus no worries, I know you’re busy. Yes, I’m still seeing it. The site is live now, so I can give you a test login that can create events, if that helps?

Currently, I’m on 6570a75


I do have the start week on set to Sunday, but the events calendar is starting each week on Monday.


(Angus McLeod) #348

Ah, you mean the mini calendar in the ‘Add Event’ modal (aka the ‘date-picker’). Yes that was always Mon-Sun. The user setting was for the ‘topic list’ calendar.

Fair point. The date-picker should follow the setting too. I’ve made that change.

(Greg) #349

@angus update from my end - updating to the latest Discourse & Events commits as of about 3 days ago seems to have resolved the issue. Creating events is working again, exactly as I’d expect. Something weird was going on, happy to provide more info if you need to debug, but otherwise I’m all set.

(Sora &\) #350

How can we show tab event search on home page all categories.
Show menu event in homepage

(François Douville) #351

Hi @angus ,
You told me to remind you to add the feature “add multiple evends to one topic”.
Thanks for your time!

(Angus McLeod) #352

@Francois_Douville After taking a closer look at adding multiple events to one topic today, I’ve realised it’s going to be trickier than I thought. Can you explain your use case in some detail, to help me think through an appropriate solution?

(François Douville) #353

No problem @angus

If I have 3 dates for my course “how to build a house”, I have to create 3 topics for the same courses but with 3 different dates. And comments should be for the 3 dates and not for one.

Event : how-to build a house
When : 18th august 2018
Where : here
Comments : John says Yeah I want to go, Joe says How much?

Event : how-to build a house
When : 23th august 2018
Where : here
Comments : no comment (because it is not link)

Event : how-to build a house
When : 28th august 2018
Where : here
Comments : no comment (because it is not link)

Instead of :

Event : how-to build a house
When : 18th august 2018, 23th august 2018, 28th august 2018,
Where : here
Comments : John says Yeah I want to go, Joe says How much?

And it would be awesome if you add “repeat each __ days”.



There is one related feature that would be very helpful, in my opinion. Namely, a guest might want to bring a friend, so it would be great if he could register more than one person.

(Makary Gołosz) #355

Doesn’t ‘Invite to topic’ option cover this?

(Angus McLeod) #356

@Francois_Douville I took another look at your use case today. Ultimately I have decided I won’t be able to support for multiple events on topics at this time.

The problem is that a fair bit of the logic in the plugin is predicated on a 1:1 relationship between topics and events. I tried a few different approaches to changing this relationship, but each of them turned out to be not feasible, or would require significantly more work than I can invest right now (given my other commitments), particularly if the end solution is to be stable and not put the reset of the plugin functionality at risk. I gave it a fair shake, but sometimes you have to make a call on the reasonableness of continuing to pursue something.

I wonder if there’s a non-technical solution for your use case though. How about creating a fourth ‘overview’ topic where you link to the three individual event topics. The overview topic can be used for discussing the whole series, and the individual topics can be used for anything that comes out of each individual session?

I’ll have a think about this next week. @MakaryGo Invite to topic does cover it to an extent, however I do see the argument for allowing ‘groups’ to rsvp in some cases, as opposed to making each member of the group rsvp individually.


Thanks for considering this. You know, the additional participants might not even have an account, so individual rsvp would not be an option.

(Sora &\) #358

@angus Hello, can we setup anyone can edit or input event topic, not only own topic? And input by comment or comment have button add envent

(Tobias Eigen) #359

@angus I just noticed that moderators can’t add event details if they haven’t reached the required trust level in the settings. Maybe moderator should be a separate setting, or moderators should always be allowed to add event details no matter their trust level?

(Angus McLeod) #360

Perhaps the core Discourse plugin discourse-local-dates is better suited to your use case. See if you can use the “Insert Date” feature to fulfil your goal?


Thanks for pointing this out, it is a bug actually; now fixed.

(Sora &\) #361

But, this comment don’t show on list event category :slight_smile:

(Sora &\) #362

Can we auto sync all event to google calendar account?

(Angus McLeod) #363

You can use the iCal feed to sync with google calendar.

(Pon Sum Key) #364

Wow, that was fast and well worked out (for the long term)! thank you!

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