Events Plugin 📆

Did that. Tried in another browser as well.

Am I on the latest plugin version?


0.1 doesn’t sound like latest. Maybe I used the wrong git url when installing?

Edit: I have the latest version. 87292d7.

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My problem sounds a lot like the ones being mentioned a few days earlier by @csmu. I briefly read the thread on thepavillion. One thing I noticed is that the setting events_enabled has not been renamed to events_enabled_sitewide. But perhaps you didn’t need to change that after all.

Pleas let me know if I can provide any more details.

Our instance is running here, events are enabled for this category:

Yes. There was a change in core and we had to update the plugin to get it work. The problem now is, I’m not able to reproduce the issue.

I’ll look into it tomorrow.

@angus, What could have possibly gone wrong here?


@kristoferlund can you create a top level category instead of child category and check?

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Agenda and Calendar links appear, but no date/time button.



@fzngagan, added a screenshot of the composer. No button unfortunately. @angus, any ideas?

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@kristoferlund Hey, can you

  1. Send a screenshot of Specifically the line with the events plugin.

  2. Send a screenshot of your site settings in the “plugin” tab, filtered by “events”.



OT, but this is the longest topic on meta, The MEGATOPIC: public good, or public menace?


Isn’t it a good thing :wink: . Also, its still a long way to 10k posts.

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I think the old topics for Babble and Topic List Previews were a fair bit longer before they were “archived”, but yes I think traditional topic structure does not suit plugin topics very well.

This is a significant reason why we now have Feature Request and Bug Report wizards on The idea is to divert a fair chunk of plugin-related discussion there, and use this topic as a “landing page” of sorts.

We have plans to better advertise / structure that relationship in the near future.


Hi Angus, I have updated to latest version. The events don’t show the event tag below the title. There is no button for adding to calenda / agenda. There is also no rsponse button. Please help.

Can you navigate to and share a screenshot.

Also, a screenshot of your site settings with search term events.

The new plugin seems interesting.

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Sure, sorry for the delay. Here are the screen dumps. Thanks for investigating this.

@fzngagan @angus, and there it is


Unchecking, saving, checking and saving again. The Allow events to be added to topics in this category (overrides site setting). Seems to have done the trick. Same with settings for showing agenda and calendar.


Screenshot for update:

Screenshot for events:

Screenshot for events:

part 2

Thats really good. So you mean to say that enabling the events from site settings didn’t work for you?
Can you please register a bug report here so that we can schedule it and look into it?

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Can you please try this in the category settings and get back with the result?

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I tried, but still failed.

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can you file a bug report here