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Guys, the support period is on. Please report the issues here Bug Report

All the major issues reported on or before 5th of May will be resolved in by around 7th of May.


Hey everybody :slight_smile:

If you use this plugin currently, or are considering it, please take a moment to consider whether the new Event features in the Discourse Calendar plugin made by the Discourse team are right for you:

If that plugin does meet your needs we would recommend using it instead of this one.

As mentioned in that topic, we’re going to continue to support this plugin for as long as it takes to cover all the use cases it currently supports, that the Discourse Calendar plugin does not support. If and when we do reach the point of all use cases being supported, we’ll be deprecating this plugin.

We need your help!

To know when we reach that point, we need your help! If you’re using this plugin currently, or are considering an events solution in Discourse, we’d like to hear from you about whether the new event features in the Discourse Calendar plugin meet your needs. If they don’t, please explain why.


Things that I miss in the Calendar plugin:

  • all day events
  • add events in different time zone
  • show event end in topic list
  • ability to choose format in topic list
  • calendar subscriptions

Guys, I’ve just merged in a new implementation of private ical feeds. You’ll be able to use that feature if you update to latest commit of the plugin.

I’ve added a link to documentation on the calendar page.


I feel quite stupid right now. In the past I have installed the Events calendar in two forums, without problems. Now I’m trying to get it working in a third forum and I don’t know what I’m missing that I don’t get the “Add Event” button in new posts:

  • Check: events enabled: Allow events to be added to topics in all categories.
  • Check: Allow events to be added to topics in this category (overrides site setting).
  • Check: Min trust to create event in this category (overrides site setting). (TL0)
  • Check: Show an agenda topic list in this category (overrides site setting). (it is shown)
  • Check: Show a calendar topic list in this category (overrides site setting). (it is shown)

But still, no “Add Event” button. What am I missing? (EDITED)

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The Locations Plugin ?

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Sorry, I meant no “Add Event” button.

The Location plugin is installed and it works. The Add Location button is in place.

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@quimgil I also saw this recently. Try disabling and re-enabling events in the category and it should work.

@fzngagan We should look into this. Could you make a new open source task?


Indeed, just uncheking - saving - checking - saving resolved the problem in the two categories where we want Events enabled. Thank you!

I thought I had done this before but maybe not as clean, as in changing site-wide settings as well, etc.


This doesn’t seem to work right now?

Adding “calendar” or “agenda” in the top menu setting results in this error message:

x You specified the invalid choice calendar

The Events plugin is installed and works. Calendar or Events don’t appear in the drop down list of options to add to the calendar.

For what is worth, when configuring the Locations Plugin a “Map” option was available in the drop down but the first time I selected it I also got that error. However, after insisting the item was taken (!?), and now we have a “Map” link in the top menu. However, no Calendar / Events top menu items.

(capitalizing or not doesn’t change anything)


@quimgil Thanks again for the reports. I’ve addressed both issues.



I upgraded. “agenda” and “calendar” appear now in the dropdown, and I have enabled them, but…

I still saw the “You specified the invalid choice” message many times. Maybe it is a combination with the Locations plugin? With map" already added and saved the change, I would add “agenda” and then when saving I would still get an error message about map.

What is more intriguing is that just by keeping clicking the save button and ignoring the complaints, eventually the top menu item would be saved. Now I have Map - Agenda - Calendar working alright, but it took a bunch of clicks and ignores. Strange.


Taking a look at this one today. Did you update your instance recently?

Thank you @fzngagan!

Yes, we upgraded yesterday:


Cool. We added a few fixes so I can understand you updated the plugin. But as a general rule, have a look at the post I’ve replied to for details about our support policy.


I can repro this on my local setup. Do keep an eye here for the fix.

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Is there a widget (a theme component, I guess?) for displaying upcoming events in the forum main page?

If not, any plans to have one? And if not, could this be a candidate for (crowd)funded work?


Yes, this is something I’m thinking about at the moment. Not planned yet, but thinking whether to do an extension(theme component probably) for this one or the official event plugin.


I saw this issue a few days back but it seems to have solved itself on the latest discourse. Can you upgrade again and report back. Seems to work fine on our staging site too.

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Hi, is possible show only event end date in topic list?

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