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Our support policy is to ensure compatibility with the latest tests-passed version of discourse(due to the fact that its the default setting in discourse_docker). Although, we would like to understand how many of the users of Pavilion family Plugins are on stable branch of discourse.

Also, we’re planning to depricate the events plugin in favour of the discourse team’s events plugin in the near future.


I understand that developers have to look forward to keep compatibility with the future of Discourse — that makes sense. But if there’s no stable branch of sorts for the plugin, then it leaves people looking for a stable setup on a scenario where their setup breaks because due to a beta version they are not using.

Any tips on what commit broke the compatibility? I could try to work with that, but I’m lost on what change made this.

Edit to add: for anyone who has trouble with this and needs a temporary workaround, this commit seems to be the culprit.


There was an issue with webcal api keys which has been resolved.

Thanks for the report @md-misko


again the plugin seems to be incompatible with the latest discourse release 2.6.0.beta5 ( 2bb7676ba4 ).
This time it creates just a blank page when accessing the site. But other than last time there had not been an error when using admin/upgrade.
After disabling the plugin and rebuilding the container Discourse is working fine again.


Hi, does this Events plugin produce the “Add To Calendar” links at the top of posts, like on this page:

Also, here in 2021 what are people’s opinions on using this Pavilion Events plugin vs the official Calendar plugin?

I’m mainly interested in finding ways to make it easy to aggregate views of topics on a calendar, and would also love the ability for our users to be able to add individual events onto their own Google / .ics calendars.


Hey there,

As mentioned in the OP

Please take a moment to consider whether the new Event features in the Discourse Calendar plugin made by the Discourse team are right for you. If they meet your needs, we recommend using that plugin. You should only use this plugin if you’ve already first considered Discourse Calendar.

We recommend you use the Discourse Calendar Plugin if you can. We only support this plugin for specific use cases that are not fulfiled by that plugin. Happily, the Calendar Plugin has both features you mentioned.

Yup, that’s this plugin. But, as mentioned, it sounds like you’ve got a good use case for Discourse Calendar, so I suggest you use that.

Internally, we actually use the Discourse Calendar Plugin to organise events for our members, rather than this plugin. We support specific use cases for a few clients, and we’re open to specific use cases if anyone has any, but that’s it.


Thanks Angus. I read all that advice and I was asking you specifically because it looked like you were involved with setting up the Legal Empowerment Network community in question, and I liked how it was working. But glad to hear you recommend the official Calendar plugin; I’ll explore that.


Am I correct in saying that the official Discourse Calendar plugin doesn’t have anything like the “Agenda” filter in the topic list? Sorting the topic list by the event dates in a topic is one of the main use cases I’m interested in. It’s more so for project management (treating topics as tasks and scheduling them accordingly) than events.


I’m thinking of adding something like this also. Have you come up with any solutions?

This is my thought: Each event should be considered a reply like pinning a topic. The add event button becomes a drop-down menu that lists all events in the topic.

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I’ll check and get back.

We aren’t developing new features for this plugin. We’ve depricated this in favour of the Official Events feature in the discourse-calendar plugin.

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I don’t think there’s an agenda style topic list in the official plugin yet.

Does anyone know if there’s a new link that formerly contained the content at has gone?

When this plugin is running in a restricted category, we see:

… but the documentation link is broken and generates a 404. I looked around the site in question and here too, but didn’t know if there was some other home for this user instruction.

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We moved that topic to a closed category somehow. Need to bring it back to public. We’ll discuss and get back soon.

The page should be back now.


Guys, I’ve started working on a migration script from the Events plugin to the Official Discourse Calendar events plugin. Its starting to look good, but I need some feedback to get it to a stage where it is production ready.

Its sitting on a branch migration currently.

Here’s the info:


Hi @angus. I’m struggling to get an effective side-by-side comparison between of functionality this and the now official Discourse events plugin.

I’ve use your impressive events pluggin on one site and am pleased with how that’s worked. Are they compatible if I migrate from one to the other or will I lose the events?

I’ve recently started another site and I’m wondering whether I’d be better using the official one. I’m on a hosted forum so would need to ask to swap out plugins. Is there a post of blog comparing the features somewhere? I’m worried by the implication this version will no longer be supported or developed.

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With good reason - as per Angus in the OP:

We made the move ages ago. Unfortunately the Discourse team has had other priorities and have not been working on the Discourse Events plugin for a while. Many of us are impatiently awaiting some more development as we see the potential!!


Hey @Rhidian,

@fzngagan Is currently working on, and getting close to completing a migration script to transfer events from our plugin to the Discourse Event plugin. You can follow the progress on that here

As @nathankershaw mentioned, our poicy for the plugin, as stated in the OP is that we encourage people to consider the other plugin as we won’t be actively developing this plugin. We will be maintaining it in its current state for the foreseeable future, however as we are supporting some specific use cases that are not supported by the other plugin. If that plugin adds support for those use cases we will deprecate this plugin entirely and migrate some folks to the other one, using the migration script that Faiz has been working on.

We use the Discourse Event plugin internally, not this one. Personally, I also think it’s a better plugin from a technical perspective.

The closest thing to that is this post of mine


Thanks @angus That’s very helpful.

Another issue is that when you have a lot of people RSVP’ing, the css breaks.
This is what I have: